Apple updates App Store Review Guidelines w/ free trial details, remote mirroring changes, more

Apple today has updated its App Store Review Guidelines with a handful of changes. The new guidelines include revisions related to data security, cryptocurrency mining, free app trials, advertising, and more.


This week's top stories: Black Friday 2018, iPhone XS & XR production cuts, more

While the offending content has been removed, Tumblr is still not available in the App Store . The Google Assistant app for iOS was updated this week with Siri Shortcuts integration. This means you can now say, Hey Siri, OK Google to access Google...

7 Best Finance Apps for Getting a Handle on Your Money

While the app does a lot automatically (like updating balances in real-time and creating suggested budgets), theres plenty of room for customization if you want to change how expenses are categorized or alter your suggested budget. On top .... You can ...
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Forget your Apple ID password? Here's how to reset it

Apple makes it difficult to reset your password. Thats a good thing! Theyre preventing hackers and criminals as best they can from accessing your iPhone or iPad , with access to iTunes, the App Store , iCloud, Apple Music and more. Yet, you might feel ...

Apple's App Store and Apple Music went down for 32 minutes, just days before Black Friday (AAPL)

Users experienced a problem with the App Store , says the status dashboard. Similarly, the dashboard acknowledges that Apple Music users may have been unable to access multiple services or make purchases . Weve reached out to Apple for more...

Skype for Android, iOS, Desktop Gets Read Receipts Feature

Skype has rolled out a new Insider Preview update for Android, iOS and desktop clients, and it brings along the popular read receipts feature. This feature is synonymous in almost every chat app out there, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger,... ---

How to Cancel App Store Subscriptions via iOS and iTunes

The iTunes and iOS App Store ecosystems offer a virtually unlimited number of subscription -based services and applications. These apps help us learn a foreign language, learn to code, educate our children, and access handy media features. While the...

Apple Just Released iOS 12 Beta 12 for iPhone to Developers, Fixes Software Update Bug

To download the beta right now, however, launch the Settings app , select General, then Software Update. ... (42862150) Workaround: For testing purposes, StoreKit calls such as making a purchase and restoring transactions will fetch a new receipt.    
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#AskTheTaxWhiz: Issuing receipts

Yes. In fact, under Section 237 of the Tax Code, all businesses need to issue receipts or invoices for all transactions amounting to P100 or more. This means that small businesses are not necessarily non-compliant if they do not issue receipts since ...    

iPad sketching app 'Paper' updated with second-gen Apple Pencil support

In case youre curious, Paper is also updated to take full advantage of the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro display sizes, meaning there are no black bars letterboxing the apps interface. Paper is a free download, with in-app purchases , on the App ...    

Apple iOS, Privacy and the Future of Ad Attribution

In March, Apple quietly released SKAdNetwork, an API that allows ad networks and advertisers to directly attribute installs from the App Store without relying on a third-party mobile app attribution provider. While the move can be seen as an effort on ...    
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Netflix for iOS updated with new iPad Pro resolution support

... updated for the 12.9-inch in general get pillar boxing as well. This is easily noticeable in video apps as full screen videos dont go to the edge of the iPad unless it has been updated for the new iPads. Netflix is available as a free download on ...    

Nine apps that will improve your productivity at work

To unlock unlimited projects as well as bonus abilities like adding attachments, having a chat function, sharing with multiple team members, and backing up data youll need to purchase one of Mindmeisters subscription plans. Depending on ... Youll ...    
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Preorder Your New iPhone or Apple Watch Tonight With These Tips

If youve previously set up two-factor authentication for your account, you might want to tell the login page on the Apple Store to remember you, so you can skip having to type in an verification code from an associated device (like your to-be ...    

Apple's iOS 12 Developer Beta 11 Released for iPhone

Apple released the eleventh developer beta for iOS 12 to registered software testers on Monday, Aug. 27, only four days after the company unexpectedly released both dev beta 10 and public beta 8. Apple has ramped up its beta release schedule as of late ...    
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