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Extremely useful and convenient. The app is not overly complicated to use. Very self-explanatory. I am a Realtor and since purchasing the app a few days ago I've used it multiple times for work already. It saves me time not having to navigate the FEMA site which when you are at a Property is difficult on a phone and when deciding between 2 homes; flood zone vs non flood zone can make all the difference for a client. This app gave me my answer with a few clicks and I was able to show my purchaser client where the home rests in proximity to a flood zone. - Flood Zone App Store Review

Get the Flood Zone App for iOSGet the Flood Zone App for iOS

Excellent app for home buyers and realtors. If in the market for a new home that is near a body of water this app will help you in making an informed decision on how much risk of flood you would be assuming in that purchase.- Flood Zone App Store Review

Get the Android Flood Zone AppGet the Android Flood Zone App

This app helps me to get my clients to understand what's happening to their body and why they are always in pain. Yesterday my client could see her arm had turned over. - LeanScreen user Optimad
Continues to impress. Love the little update...it is so easy to use and I get the same values within 1-2% of my $10k machine even with some clothes on client! How you guys did that blows me away! Keep up great work. You should add this calibration screen in the posturescreen version after taking photos, but I'm sure you plan on that. My staff find it much easier - LeanScreen user teetee1237632
The Best Tool for Patient Education This is one of the most effective and powerful analysis tools I have in my office. It correlates with Biomechanical injuries demonstrated with Digital Motion Xray, Digital Duel ROM, Dynamic and Static SEMG, and Xray CRMA pre and post analysis. You can see and document post treatment improvement, assign appropriate and effective active rehabilitation. It is a must for any Physician of any specialty. You can visibly demonstrate why the patient has symptoms and degeneration in the areas they do, then assign a solution to correct it, and finally demonstrate the improvements. AWESOME AND POWERFUL, and it keeps improving!!!- PostureScreen user Chiro1000
There's just so much... Ok I'm really shocked at how I just keep digging into this app. The clients love the reports to see their progress. - LeanScreen user shiftlock
You're great! Keep up the good work. - IDPursuit Private Owner
Great software and people I love this software and use it with all new patients. It is such a great visual and the charts that lay out their overactive, underactive and possible problems make a corrective program a slam dunk. Patients really understand the need for a comprehensive approach to care. The software is always evolving in wonderful ways and on the very few occasions I've needed to contact tech support they were beyond awesome. So much bang for the buck with this program! - PostureScreen user SubluxDr
Simplicity for the Doctor; Understanding for the Patient! If a picture is worth a thousand words, Posture Screen Mobile is worth 10,000. Showing patients their posture, with exact markings removes the question of "if" there is a problem and allows the doctor to move directly to give the answer on how to correct the problem. The Posture Screen staff is extremely responsive, soluciton oriented and patient centered. It has been a pleasure to do business with them for nearly 10 years now. You can not go wrong with any of the Posture Screen or Posture Ray solutions! - PostureScreen user doc's tones